Ready to Comeback, Nafa Urbach will Play a Horror Movie

Nafa Urbach officially come back to entertainment world after vacuum for 5 years. She’s entrusted as a main role in new horror movie, Kembang Kantil.

“This is my first movie after five years refused to play a horror movie,” Nafa said in Cikini area, Central Jakarta, at the release of trailer and poster Kembang Kantil.

On the occasion, Nafa Urbach also gave a brief explanation of the role played. He plays the role of Siska, a devil cult.

“So they use every means to seek wealth,” she explained.

Her decision to appear in a horror movie invites questions. Because, Nafa known as an actress who rarely accept the offer to play in a horror movie. Mentioned about it, Nafa Urbach revealed the reason. She admitted she did not want to waste the opportunity to return to the big screen industry.

“I’m single now, so I have a lot of time to go back to entertainment, and now I want to focus on movies and offers that come to me are horror only, so this is like opening the door for me, where I can develop my career again,” she said.

“Maybe later in the next film there can be a musical drama or can fill the OST by myself,” she concluded.

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