Story Aries Susanti, ‘Spiderwoman’ world rock climbing champion: Fasting does not block exercise


Despite the fast, Aries Susanti, gold medalist of the Speed ​​Climbing Performance category at the World Climbing Rock Climbing Championships in China, remains a spirit of practice. It is all done in order to lift the name of Indonesia in the international arena.
That afternoon, Aries Susanti Rahayu, 23, had just warmed up her muscles so as not to tense.

Several times he ran small, did hang on one iron pedestal, and skipping or jumping rope for several times.
For a moment he sat to relax the leg muscles, then stood up and ran again.
This woman gets the nickname ‘Spiderwoman’ because of its speed climbing the cliff and managed to reach its peak. Climbing Climb – IFSC World Cup 2018 in Chongqing, China, Sunday (06/05).

Aries Susanti became the fastest with a time of 7.51 seconds and Russian climber cracker Elena Timofeeva.
On Tuesday (22/05), Aries along with other rock climbing team members like Aspar Jaelolo donated silver medal, and Puji Lestari donated money for Indonesia, practicing at Stadiun Mandala Krida Yogyakarta.
It was the first practice of Ramadan from the World Climbing Championships in China.

Although in the month of fasting, Aries keep practicing excitedly, occasionally joking with his team.
“At that time (in the game) that in my mind, I just have to calm down and should be able to fly the flag of Red and White.That’s why I want my friends and all the rock climbing team,” said Aries, as reported by reporters in Yogyakarta, Yaya Ulya, for BBC Indonesia.
“Alhamdulillah I can be number one yesterday,” he said. “Without the people behind me, coaches, administrators, and if I’m not called in this training, I’m not sure I can stand on the podium and win yesterday,” he said, still smiling.

Aries was born in Taruman Village, Klambu Sub-district, Grobogan District, Central Java. Since elementary he has been active in the field of athletics, and in the second grade of junior high school he began to plunge into the world of rock climbing.
“At that time I was introduced by my teacher, Pak Yuli, and I saw on TV there was a rock and rock sport that was exciting and challenging, that’s when I was interested in rock climbing,” he said.

The world of rock climbing has become Aries’s choice. To the extent to cultivate his choice seriously, Aries left college at the University of Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus) as a student S1 Management. “My 3rd semester lives,” he said with a smile.
But he hoped that one day he could continue his studies at Unimus.
“If you can, I want to continue after the Asian Games, otherwise I can go to college again,” he added.


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