Tyas Give a Shocking Answer About Mary Pohu, The Grandmother Who Asked Her Grandchild to be Returned Home


Tyas Mirasih insists that Amandine is no longer with her. She was also upset that Amandine’s grandmother, Maryke Pohu, suddenly appeared in the media and asked her grandchild to be returned.

“The child was not with me, came to wrong address,” Tyas said in response to Mary’s allegations that she had taken Amandine nearly 4 months. “Want to take care of grandchild? Since her still inside the womb, where is her? Not acknowledged. Now ahe’s excited about the stage. From the inside of the womb, this grandmother just never acknowledged her grandchild. Now you can know who sincere and not??”

Apparently, she’s not Tyas who is now taking care of the daughter of the deceased Billy and Sicilia. Currently, Amandine is taken care of by Tyas’s cousin, who is also Ariel NOAH’s nephew, Seali Shah Alam.

Courtesy : wowkeren.com,
Photo : brilio.net

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