Egy Maulana Will Perform at the AFF UF 19 Cup Semifinals

Indonesia U-19 national team coach Indra Sjafri ensured Egy Maulana Vikri will play to strengthen Garuda Nusantara in the AFF Cup U-19.

Earlier, Egy Maulana Vikri did not get permission from his team, Lechia Gdansk, for having to follow training camp in Opalenica, Poland. Due to the absence of this permission, Egy who has been registered in the squad Indonesia can not appear in four matches allowance Group A.

Now, the hope of the Indonesian public to see Egy appear can be realized. This is confirmed by Indra Sjafri who calls Egy will land in the country on Monday (9/7/2018).

“(He) Already get a ticket and departed insha Allah tomorrow (Monday),” said Indra Sjafri after regular training session U-19 national team at Jenggolo Stadium, Sunday (8/7/2018).

Apparently, there is an interesting story behind the arrival of Egy Maulana Vikri this time. Indra Sjafri admitted that Egy had time to ask him before deciding to leave.

“He (Egy) asked me whether he was needed or not?” Indra Sjafri explained. “I need him,” the coach said. In fact, Indra Sjafri also asked the opinion of other players in the U-19 Indonesia national team about the arrival of Egy Maulana Vikri.

“I also asked his friends (in the national team U-19 Indonesia), whether Egy need to return or not,” said Indra Sjafri.

“Friends are happy if Egy returns,” the coach recalled. Indra Sjafri has also confirmed when Egy Maulana Vikri will play in the AFF Cup U-19.

Indra Sjafri is likely to lower Egy in the semi-final match on Thursday (12/7/2018) future. “Most likely, he will play on 12 (July),” said Indra Sjafri added.

U-19 national team Indonesia managed to ensure themselves qualify for the semi-finals of AFF Cup U-19 on Saturday (07/07/2018). This success is achieved after Indonesia managed to win over Vietnam with a thin score 1-0.

Indra Sjafri’s troops will play their last Group A match against Thailand U-19 national team on Monday (9/7/2018) night. Indonesia only needs a draw to make sure to win the group.

However, with a collection of 10 points, Thailand will be able to win the group if you beat Indonesia in the final match. (Aditya Fahmi Nur Wahid)

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