Real Vote Count Starts at West Java Election Body

The West Java Elections Commission (KPU) has started to open the reports of vote counts based on C1 forms, or real count documents, collected from polling stations (TPS) in the province’s gubernatorial election.

KPU West Java commissioner overseeing planning and data, Ferdhiman Bariguna, said the commission was still collecting data from the 74,954 TPS across the province. He said the data was open to the public as it could be accessed through the internet.

“The vote recapitulation starts today at the district level. This is part of our accountability and openness,” said Ferdhiman on Thursday. So far, he said, 56.31 percent of the C1 forms had been scanned.

The results indicate that the Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul Ulum candidate pair won 34.51 percent of the vote, followed by Sudrajat-Ahmad Syaikhu with 28.54 percent, Deddy Mizwar-Dedi Mulyadi with 25.23 percent and Tubagus Hasanuddin-Anton Charliyan with 11.72 percent. The data came from 42,209 TPS.

The results do not differ substantially from the results of quick counts previously released by various survey institutions. The result of scanned C1 forms also shows that voter turnout was 75.33 percent, about 6.5 million voters.

KPU West Java head Yayat Hidayat said the recapitulation process in the regency level was slated for July 4-6, followed by recapitulation at the provincial level from July 7-9.

“We will wait for three days after that. If no lawsuit is filed, on the fourth day the winner will be officially determined. If there is, we will have to wait for 45 days.”

courtasy : Thejakartapost
photo : Jakarta Globe

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