Novendra Priasmoro Defeats World Chess Player, Wins in Bangkok

Novendra Priasmoro (19) won the Bangkok Open international chess tournament in Thailand, which ended on April 21. He scored 8 points without ever being defeated in the championship followed by 196 chess players from 37 countries. He earned 7 victories and two draws.

The result achieved by the national number-two chess player is quite spectacular. In becoming a champion, he defeated GM Hrant Melkumyan (rating of 2669) from Armenia. He also draw-restrained GM Nigel Short (2662).

In the last match or ninth, the chess player with a rating of 2449 must face the legendary British chess player, Nigel Short, who had three times champion in the event.

Kristianus Liem, the head of Development and Achievement of PB Percasi (Indonesian Chess Federation), said that since the night before the game, he has instructed Novendra to offer three or five steps of draws.

“The goal is to honor Nigel Short’s big name because it is impossible for Nigel Short to offer a draw first unless if he had to,” he said, as stated in the release of PB Percasi.

In the last match, Novendra served Nigel coolly, who wore the French Defense. In the previous match, he was able to defeat GM Anton Smirnov (2546), from Australia, who wore the same opening.

Nigel took on a different tack with Smirov in the ninth step. But, until the 13th step, his position still cannot lead.

In 16th step, Novendra had intended to offer a draw. But seeing the many chess players who watch his game, he admitted embarrassed to do so. The fight continued.

Finally, the decisive time has arrived, in the 28th step after seeing the position of his opponent so sturdy, Nigel decided to offer a draw.

“I offer you a draw,” Nigel said, looking at Novendra.

Without thinking again Novendra immediately stretched out his hand, which means accepting the offer.

“This offer is what I am waiting for,” Novendra said.

“A draw is definitely a champion, so I did not think anymore, I immediately grabbed his hand.”

Besides the champion title, Novendra also received an additional rating of 25.5 points. Since December 2017, Novendra has received full support from United Tractors (UT), the company that became his ‘foster father’. He became one of the young chess players projected to immediately achieve the Grandmaster title.

Chairman of PB Percasi Utut Adianto expressed his pride in Novendra’s achievement.

“Hopefully this will be an encouragement for other chess players to not give up in achieving the achievement. This success proves that our chess athletes are worthy of the business world because the talent is extraordinary,” said Utut.

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