How Kisses Inspires Tony Labrusca to be a Better Man

Showbiz may be in his blood but Tony Labrusca admitted that the entertainment industry scares him and that often he feels like he doesn’t “completely belong.”

But that seems to be changing, thanks to his love team partner Kisses Delavin, who has inspired him to be a better man.

“Working with this one right here has taught me so many things. I’ve been inspired to work harder and be more driven to reach my goals. I’m working on smiling and being nice even though I actually feel grumpy .. .and I’m grumpy a lot,” he wrote as caption of a video clip he posted on Instagram showing him and the former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate.

The son of actor-model Boom Labrusca also said he is “constantly amazed” at how Delavin treats her family and loved ones.

“Being around Kisses gave me a sense of peace, I can feel calm knowing I won’t be doing things alone. Without her even knowing it, she’s helped me build my confidence,” he continued.

That’s why Labrusca promised that no matter what happens to their love team, he will always treasure working with Delavin.

“Love teams are pretty intense, it’s awesome to be part of such a strong fan base …but sometimes it’s also pretty harsh. You make one wrong move and you can hurt a lot of people even if you don’t mean to. Sometimes it comes to the point that the fans don’t even believe you anymore,” he shared.

“That’s why I want to share how I feel about being part of this love team …this tandem that has brought so many blessings to my life and has now brought me overseas. I don’t need KissTon to have an official label or announcement by management for me to be satisfied… Honestly, just working with each other has brought me great happiness and that’s all I could ask for.

“No matter what happens, whether we do more projects together or do projects apart, I’m always going to cherish the moments I’ve experience being part of this love team. Thank you KissTon for making everything possible, for making our dreams come true.”

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