Excuse of Wife Abdee Slank Not Using the services of a Lawyer in a Divorce Session

Since being sued and undergoing divorce trial process, Abdee Slank’s wife, Anita Dewi Farida, does not use the services of a lawyer as her legal counsel.

In contrast to Abdee who used the services of a lawyer. Anita revealed that she chose to undergo the trial process independently.

“Do not use lawyers, expensive to know, ” Anita said when met after the trial in South Jakarta Religious Court (Ragunan), Ragunan, Monday (9/7/2018).

However, Anita who gave a child to Abdee in her marriage was admitted there must be a sense of fatigue. However, it was merely Anita doing so that her marriage was not divorced.

“But still, let’s just death our separate ,” said Anita. This Monday, Anita and Abdee’s divorce trial took place in South Jakarta PA with the agenda of witness examination that was presented by the defendant Anita.

courtesy : kompas.com
photo : entertainment.kompas.com


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