Revealed During the Assembly, Artist Roro Fitria Wear the Name of His Mother When Shabu Message

Artist Roro Fitria’s role (28) turned out to choose to use his mother’s name to order the shabu.
It was revealed in the inaugural trial of Roro Fitria over alleged cases of abuse and possession of narcotics, which ensnared him on 14 February 2018 ago.

Roro underwent a hearing at the South Jakarta District Court, Jalan Ampera Raya, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Thursday (28/6/2018) with the agenda of reading the indictment from the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor), named Sarwoto.
In the courtroom, Sarwoto also explained about the chronology of Roro buy shabu-shabu from the man with the initials WH, until he was arrested.

“On Tuesday (13/2/2018), the defendant Roro Fitria ordered 3 grams of shabu-shabu at Rp 5 million to the defendant Wawan Hermanto (WH), Rp 4 million for shabu sabu and Rp 1 million .Then, the WH said the defendant will find the goods, “said Sarwoto.

“Then, the next day the WH told Roro that shabu-shabu only weighs 2 grams, and then Roro asks the WH for the shipment to be delivered by motorcycle taxi online,” he added.
Sarwoto added, then the purchase money in the transfer to the WH account, after the request shabu-shabu sent home Roro.

“To the WH, Roro requested that an online motorcycle taxi send the goods to the place where he lives in the Ragunan area of ​​South Jakarta.Roro uses his mother’s name, Hj Retno to send shabu-shabu to his residence, under the pretext that online motorcycle taxis do not know evidence or shabu-shabu delivered to him, “he said.
Then, go on. Sarwoto, Roro was surprised when the online motorcycle taxi arrived at his residence. That’s because the online motorcycle taxis do not come alone, with the WH and the police.

“Roro was surprised that the ojek online came with WH and the police, then the police immediately secured Roro and conducted a search,” he explained.
In addition, Roro was questioned about shabu-shabu weighing 2 grams and evidence of conversation with the WH.

“When asked directly when secured, the defendant acknowledged that the goods were his order and his ownership with WH. Then the shipping evidence to the account of WH also admitted,” said Sarwoto.

Sarwoto also indicted Roro with article Article 114 paragraph 1 subsider article 112 verse 1 Jo Article 132 paragraph 1 Law RI Number 35 of 2009 on Narcotics.

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