Indonesian Team Requires Stefano Lilipaly Presence at Asian Games 2018

The name Stefano Lilipaly in the last few days suddenly became a topic in a number of media in Indonesia. It is not separated from the comments ‘nyeleneh’ the player related to his chances to defend Indonesia U-23 national team in the 2018 Asian Games. Then, how important is the presence of Lilipaly in Luis Milla squad it?

“The national team does not need me.If the national team needs me, I will definitely go there,” commented Stefano Lilipaly when asked questions about his chances of playing in the 2018 Asian Games.

What the Balinese midfielder said is indeed quite logical. Lilipaly is actually ready to offer services to stop the negative trend of the U-23 national team ahead of the Asian Games. However, coach Luis Milla is adamant about using the services of players born in Arnhem, Netherlands, January 10, 1990 it.

In two test matches against Thailand Under-23, Luis Milla summoned six senior players such as Muhammad Ridho, Teja Paku Alam, Victor Igbonefo, Riko Simanjuntak, Lerby Eliandry and Alberto ‘Beto’ Goncalves. The last two names deliberately called Luis Milla to restore the sharpness of Garuda Young front line.

Luis Milla’s concerns are not without reason. Indonesia U-23 national team has never won in the last five test matches with details of two defeats and three draws.

Worse, in the five games the Indonesian national team U-23 only able to score one goal. This is proof if there is something wrong with the quality of the front-line squad that was prepared for the 2018 Asian Games.

Not only the front line, the blunt of the Indonesian National Team striker U-23 also be proof if there is no supply of bait-feed from the wing sector. Names such as Febri Hariyadi, Osvaldo Haay, until the last Riko Simanjuntak was questioned his role.

Luis Milla actually have a good reason that makes him close opportunities Stefano Lilipaly play in the 2018 Asian Games with the Indonesian national team U-23. The Spaniard judges, a vital position that requires senior player maturity is only on the posts of goalkeeper, center back, and the attacker.

Lilipaly is not a player who plays for all three positions. Although, Lilipaly has a goal-scoring quality, but he is not a typical pure striker.

Likewise with Lilipaly’s position in midfield that is already filled by names such as Saddil Ramdani, Septian David Maulana, and Evan Dimas. Both reasons are what makes Lilipaly’s chance closed.

Let’s suppose for a moment coach Luis Milla want to rule out both of these reasons. Of course Lilipaly could be the solution behind the dull front-line Indonesian national team U-23

Moreover, Garuda Muda need a sharp front line at the Asian Games later. If that does not happen, then the dream of going to the semifinals or winning medals in his own country is just a fantasy that is buried again.

Stefano Lilipaly has now scored seven goals in 12 games with Bali United. Nicks seven goals were printed Lilipaly in the last eight games.

That is, Lilipaly has a ratio of 1.7 goals per game in League 1 2018. Again, this is proof that the player is in his best performance.

Luis Milla is currently hunted with time to quickly find a solution to find a senior attacker who can appear sharp. The problem is, until now there is no name of the Indonesian pioneer attacker who has a complete skill that is like Marko Simic, a player who has the ability to maximize all the ways into goals using both the foot and the head.

So, who is the figure of the attacker who in the end is believed to fill the front line of the Indonesian national team in the 2018 Asian Games? Or Luis Milla chose to set aside his ego to attract Stefano Lilipaly to the U-23 national team Indonesia? All the answers to this question will be seen on the submission of the Asian Games Asian entry list by 30 June 2018.

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