West Sumatra`s ornamental fish exports dominate Singapore`s market

West Sumatra`s ornamental freshwater and sea fish have a viable market, especially for exports to Singapore, Yos Meri, head of the provincial Marine and Fisheries Service, stated here on Monday.

“West Sumatra has some 20 species of specific marine ornamental fish in addition to freshwater ornamental fish, almost all of which are exported to Singapore,” he remarked.

Types of marine ornamental fish that are usually favored are enjiel doreng padang (pygoleptis diacanthus), having a wide and flat shape and found in orange, yellow, dark blue, and light blue colors. Maintenance of this type of fairly aggressive fish species is quite difficult.

Balong padang (premnas ephigramma), with wide flat features, has yellow and brown stripes. Moreover, powder blue tang-botana blue has a wide flat shape dominated by dark blue, with yellow upper fins, while the lower fin is light blue in color.

Meanwhile, the freshwater fish variety gurame padang (osphronemus gouramy) has wide white flattened traits with flushed red around the head. Its production center is in Limapuluh Kota District.

Every year, about 150 thousand ornamental fish are exported through the Minangkabau International Airport.

Yosmeri noted that ornamental fish continue to be one of the superior products of the fisheries sector owing to its well-maintained habitat.

Coral reefs, a habitat for ornamental fish spread across 36.68.1 hectares of West Sumatra`s coastal area, exist in Agam District, Padang Pariaman, West Pasaman, Pesisir Selatan, Mentawai, Padang, and Pariaman.

Coral reefs, which are in relatively good condition, especially in Mentawai, cover an area of 35,218 hectares.

The location is home to several genus of coral reefs, such as monthipora, pocillopora, seriatopora, and favites.


Courtesy : Antara News

Photo : Antara Sumbar – AntaraNews.com


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