A number of Bank Mandiri customers in Surabaya became victims of account piercing. Their balance decreases mysteriously. LDW dan IPH mendapati saldo mereka berkurang jutaan rupiah pada hari Minggu (18/3).

The mysterious balance disappeared in a row on Saturday (17/3). LDW lost a total of more than Rp 2.9 million. In the account mutation, it was recorded that the money was drawn four times. From Rp 5,000 to Rp 1,789,780.15.

” I found my balance reduced this afternoon (yesterday, Red), ” said LDW to Jawa Pos.

” In fact, the last time I used the account was on March 12 last,” She continued.

Each transaction of the account is also followed by a charge of Rp 20,000. Therefore, there is the assumption that withdrawals are made in other countries.

Meanwhile, IPH had contacted Bank Mandiri’s customer service when it found the balance in her account was reduced.

”Described by officers named Gerry that the balance was reduced because of transactions from Malaysia. In fact, I’m in Surabaya, ”She said.

In addition to the reduced balance, there are customers who suddenly his ATM card is blocked. Among these are AGS and AGK. Last night they called the Bank Mandiri’s call center asking for an explanation.

”Call center said my card was blocked because there was a skimming trial from Malaysia, ” said AGS.

AGK also tried to ask for an explanation to the call center of Bank Mandiri. Unfortunately, he could not get an explanation as to why his ATM card was suddenly blocked.

A customer service named Iksan simply declares an AGK ATM card blocked with no explanation at all. “Iksan just said I was asked to the nearest Bank Mandiri office tomorrow,” said AGK.

“Troublesome. I have a lot of things to do tomorrow, “he complained.

Not only in Surabaya, the balance of a resident of Kediri is also reduced in Bank Mandiri. Following a number of Bank BRI customers in Kediri who lost their balance last week.

Corporate Secretary of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk Rohan Hafas has not been able to provide a detailed explanation regarding the case.

It will identify first, whether it is related skimming or not. If the incident proves to be skimming, Bank Mandiri needs to prove in advance of the bank ATM where the customer’s data is stolen. Whether from ATM Bank Mandiri or not.

“Identification is 1 to 2 days. Therefore, the card can be transacted at any bank ATM, not necessarily at ATM Bank Mandiri, “said Rohan.

Regarding the lost LDW balance of around Rp 2.9 million, Rohan mentioned the transaction came from an electronic data capture (EDC) machine.

It is seen from the explanation of the transaction. Rohan says it could be skimming. “Suspected skimming, but still need proof first,” he continued.

If all the customers are proven to be victims of skimming, Bank Mandiri will immediately replace the lost money to the customer. However, Rohan has so far been convinced that Bank Mandiri has not conceded about customer data security.

Chief Executive of the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) Tulus Abadi asked the bank and the government to immediately replace the lost community funds.

The customer becomes a very disadvantaged party because of the event. Although the funds are returned, they have to bother taking care of the bank.

“OJK (Financial Services Authority) must audit the banking system in Indonesia, including BRI. Frequent similar cases occur indicating IT banking system in Indonesia is weak. This is very dangerous for the protection of consumers and the banking sector itself, “he said

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