Escorted by 4 Bodyguard, Deputy Mayor of Palu was Hit with a Towel

Pasha Ungu who currently serves as deputy mayor of Palu has a unique experience with Enda’s father. Pasha had been hit by Enda’s father. And at that time, Pasha was escorted by bodyguard.

“Well, my father is a grainy Sundanese, like a few moments ago he told me that he was hitting Pasha when he met Pasha with 4 bodyguards, but I’m not afraid he said. I met Pasha he also said, I met ‘papi’, I was hit by a towel.”

Enda’s father, Medjaja S. Kusuma passed away after received some treatment at Cempaka Mas Islamic Hospital, Central Jakarta on Thursday (8/3).

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