Persib Monitor Condition Ezechiel Right Shoulder Injury

Team Persib Bandung doctors, Rafi Ghani, said the condition Ezechiel Ndouassel still monitored after the League 1 2018 match against Persija Jakarta at PTIK Stadium, Jakarta, Saturday (06/30/2010).

According to him, players from Chad origin is discussing the issue on the right shoulder, after a clash with Persija players. Unfortunately, before the game, Ezechiel also had experienced problems in the same section.

“Eze is bad when there is trauma on the shoulders of the right hand, yesterday has improved and does not affect the game,” said Rafi, Sunday (1/7/2018). “But yesterday’s fitness fit fell near the goal, the trauma hit in the same section so it is currently being observed,” he added. Rafi added, in addition to Ezechiel it also monitor the condition of Ardi Idrus until training session Monday (2/7/2018).

Thus, the two players were not yet certain to appear when the match Indonesia Cup 2018 against PSKC Cimahi, Wednesday (4/7/2018). “Ardi also did feel pain at that time, but still can walk regularly again, but later will see again, hopefully not anything,” he hoped. (Fifi Nofita)

photo: Kompas Bola


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