Bawaslu Finds Thousands of Violation in Election

The Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) stated there were thousands of violations in the regional head election (Pilkada) during 2017-2018. The body received 732 reports of violations.

“So the total number of reports and findings of violations in the elections during 2017-2018 are 2,232 files,” said Bawaslu Member Ratna Dewi Pettalolo at her office on Monday, June 25.

Based on the violation type, Bawaslu detailed, there were 918 administrative violations, 362 cases of the criminal offense, 111 cases of ethical violations, violations done by civil state apparatus (ASN) as much as 249 cases.

Ratna further mentioned violations occurred during the campaign amounted to 1,149 cases, 286 violations occurred during the candidacy process, 92 violations during finalization of voter data, and 147 violations during the preparation process.

Meanwhile, Bawaslu recorded 362 reports and criminal findings, consisting of 300 reports and 62 findings in the regional head election throughout 2017-2018. 76 of them were investigated and 286 other cases were not followed up due to lack of evidence or proven as not being included in the criminal offense of election.

Bawaslu has currently investigated 32.42 percent of those 76 criminal cases and that 58 percent of it or as many as 44 cases have been terminated which resulted in prison sentences for 16 cases, 10 cases with fines, 3 cases with free verdicts, and 1 case on diversion. While 14 other cases were still in the trial proceedings.

photo: Nasional

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