Have a Vintage Style Kitchen, Mulan Jameela Back Highlighted Netizens

Not yet finished his decision to wear hijab, Mulan Jameela highlighted by netizens due to having a vintage style kitchen. It was triggered from a video post on Ashanta singer instagram account. Ashanty was also present in the event of Ahmad Dhani’s birthday held at his Villa in Cisarua Bogor.

From instasionory instagram video of @genk_Ijo or Ashanty family, netizens focus on the kitchen located within the villa. Many commented that Ahmad Dhani and Mulan Jameela’s kitchen interior style is far from luxurious.

Moreover on the video Ashanty commented if his assistants boarded Mulan Jameela’s kitchen to make instant noodles while waiting for the show to start at 12 pm.

In the dining room is clearly visible kitchen owned by Mulan Jameela. Decorative cabinets also look simple like the atmosphere of a country house kitchen.

Indeed everything associated with Mulan Jameela into the public spotlight. Inevitably many netizens considered the condition of Mulan and Dhani concerned with seeing the condition of their kitchen.

Quote translated from : sidomi.com
Photo : Liputan6.com

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