Fairuz A Rafiq Pleased His Daughter Like Sonny Septian

Happy news comes from Celebrity celebrity Fairuz A Rafiq and Sonny Septian. The reason they are both blessed with a baby girl who was born on May 21 yesterday. Fairuz also liked his son resembles Sonny.

Fairuz gave Queen Eijaz Slofa’s name to the princess. “Alhamdulah hirobilalamin has been born our daughter was born with the name Queen Eijaz Slofa Her height is 47 centimeters,” said Sonny Septian in a press conference at RSU Bunda Jakarta, Menteng, Central Jakarta (22/5/2018).

Welcoming moment happy Fairuz also admitted happy. Moreover the baby is similar to Sonny.

“Her daughter I like to hear is usually a nice girl if her father,” said Fairuz.

Fairuz had previously had a son from his marriage with Galih Ginanjar.

Quote translated from : detik.com
Photo : Tabloid Bintang

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