School in London, El Jalani Fasting 18 Hours a Day

Maia Estianty thinks of El’s second child who is studying in London. Fasting this year, the time to pass El long enough that is 18 hours of fasting.

“She is not at nine o’clock at night,” he said at the end of the morning at nine o’clock in the morning, saying that it was hard to break the octane hours, “said Maia about El when met in Cilandak, South Jakarta.

During this month of Ramadan, Maia also only communicate with El with video call or WhatsApp. Although time to say will not allow El back and forth to Indonesia before the education is over, in fact it is different.

El often returns to Indonesia. Recently El with his lover Marsha Aruan, Al, and Dul and Maia went to watch the Bruno Mars concert.

“Yes it turns out that the practice is different, yes it is when the children want to go home, yesterday it was last time watching Bruno Mars, he promised to watch Bruno Mars get together, Mother send the tickets home.

“Just watched Bruno Mars, he came back to London, if that’s what we want all the same,” concluded Maia Estianty.

If indeed there is a mepet, El could be once a month back to Indonesia. As a result, the longing for El with Indonesia and his family can still be overcome.

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