Why Did Nikita Mirzani Have Surgery on Her Intimate Organs?

Sexy celebrity Nikita Mirzani recently underwent surgery at Promec Clinic, South Jakarta. Nikita underwent three operations on her body on Thursday (3/5/2018).

The operations were mini tummy tuck with lipo-laser procedure (liposuction), vaginoplasty (tightening the vagina), and removal of the tattoo on the body.

Nikita was in the operating room for over four hours from 16:00 to 20:30 pm.

After undergoing the three operations, Nikita was asked to rest and not allowed to have sex for six weeks.

Although not allowed to have sex, Nikita’s activities in the entertainment world will not be hampered.

Dr. Mahardika, the anesthetist said that the actress woke up angry after the surgery due to the effect of the anesthetic given to Nikita.


Courtesy : netralnews.com
Photo : www.kapanlagi.com


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