OCA Promotes Asian Games 2018 in Kyrgyzstan

Promotion of the Asian Games 2018 initiated by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) through the “2018 Asian Games Fun Run” will be continued, with a stopover in Kyrgyzstan on Thursday (May 3).

Based on data gathered by the media from the Indonesian Asian Games organizing committee in Jakarta on Wednesday, the promotion in Kyrgyzstan is special, as it coincides with the implementation of the two events: Olympic Solidarity (OS) and OCA Regional Forum.

In accordance with the plan, “2018 Asian Games Fun Run” will be centered in the field of Yujnie Vorota Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Several other activities have also been readied by the host.

“We have the honor of organizing the two big events of OS and OCA Regional Forum as well as the Fun Run of Asian Games 2018 Jakarta-Palembang this week in our country. Hopefully, this event would have a positive impact on the development of sports in Kyrgyzstan, and Kyrgyz people will fully support it,” Kyrgyzstan`s Youth and Sport Minister Kanat Amankulov noted in his statement.

In line with the plan, some one thousand runners, chiefly comprising 600 children aged between 10 and 15 years, will participate in the “2018 Asian Games Fun Run.” Other participants comprised Bishkek people, disabled athletes, and some national athletes.

The Yujnie Vorota Field will be the starting point of the fun run. In addition to boosting enthusiasm for sports, the event will feature Kyrgyz cultural shows, including the traditional dance of Agat.

“We are grateful to the Kyrgyz government that is willing to host the fun run and promote the Asian Games 2018 to be held in Jakarta and Palembang in Indonesia. We will not only come here to support the fun run but will also meet with some NOC participants of the Asian Games 2018 in order to receive registration entries of participants of the Asian Games,” Secretary General of INASGOC Eris Herryanto stated.

The Asian Games Fun Run event, being held since 2006, aims to promote the values of sportsmanship, friendship, and enthusiasm in sports, as well as healthy living that focuses on youngsters.

Furthermore, “2018 Asian Games Fun Run” has, for the first time, been able to overcome all obstacles encountered in the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea on Tuesday (May 1). The activities were centered at the Chongchun Sports Complex, with some 300 runners participating in the event.

“The 2018 Asian Games are filled with historical moments. Amid the efforts to restore peace and unity between the two Koreas, President Joko Widodo held a meeting with representatives of both countries in Jakarta, yesterday, with the aim of promoting friendship and peace through sports,” he added.



Courtesy : Antaranews.com
Photo : Sumeks


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