Indonesian Singer Rizky Pratama Putra On Being Appreciated By Super Junior D&E, K-pop Influences In Career

Rizky talked about how much K-Pop has been influencing his music career. Now, he reveals the interesting experiences he had with K-Pop so far.

From the hardships of covering tracks in Korean to getting his doodle noticed by Super Junior D&E, Rizky has a lot to share about K-Pop!

Rizky: To be honest, I had a really big problem pronouncing the lyrics because my main language is Indonesian, and I didn’t have any knowledge of Korean language. But my duet friend Ardina Glenda has been helping me a lot. She corrected every single word I sang. Well, my tongue still slipped, but at least I tried my best because I love the song so much. It was very cute and fun, because in Indonesia, we do not have the fan signing tradition. Now, I understand what it feels like to be a Korean Idol – although for only one day hahaha.I was very shocked and did not expect that to come. I made the doodle for Donghae and Eunhyuk as a symbol of friendship between the boy groups in two countries. And then, I opened my Instagram account the next day, and BOOM! Eunhyuk posted the doodle I made for D&E! He is super kind and I feel so appreciated. They are very nice.I love GOT7, KARD, and TWICE and really can’t wait for their performances here in Jakarta. Especially for KARD, because from what I heard, they had very big success touring concert in the USA. They are cool. I am currently working on my second album with 5Romeo. We have been having workshops, rehearsals, and songwriting sessions coming up. And I am also planning to cover more K-Pop songs. Just to make sure you are always updated, please follow my Instagram account. Thank you HelloKpop for the interview and a big thank you to the readers who read this interview.


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