Upload Photo Wear Swimming Clothes, Cinta Laura Make Netizen Argue

The latest upload Cinta Laura makes netizens argue. That’s because she uploaded a photo wearing a swimsuit while taking a photo shoot.

In the photo shared on Instagram on Tuesday (17/4), Cinta Laura is seen wearing a red piece piece of swimwear and leaning on a wooden fence. The legs, arms, and chest were left open. Laura’s makeup looks very prominent with red lipstick on her lips.

This upload turns a war of comments between netizens. This stems from a netizen who deplored the style of Cinta Laura clothes and made him decide to stop following the artist in Instagram. However, other netizens defend the artist and told him to see her achievements.

Quote translated from : Tabloid Bintang
Photo : Tribun Timur – Tribunnews.com

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