G30S/PKI Star Amoroso Katamsi Dies at 77

Senior Indonesian actor Amoroso Katamsi reportedly passed away today, April 17, at the age of 77 years old after he was treated at the Dr. Mintohardjo Navy Hospital.

The actor who once played former president and dictator Soeharto in the movie “Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI” (betrayal of the communist) will be buried at Pondok Labu cemetery this noon.

The news of Amoroso’s passing was also expressed and confirmed by prolific writer and poet Goenawan Mohammad through one of his tweets today.

Over his lifetime, Amoroso Katamsi had dedicated his life as a doctor, Navy Officer, theater and movie actor. The man who was born on October 21, 1940, started his career as a thespian by entering theaters through a group led by W.S. Rendra called Studi Grup Drama Jogja in 1961.

That was his breakthrough as a thespian before continuing to other known theater projects such as the one he played in Teater Kecil in collaboration with Arifin C. Noer.

Amoroso’s career as a movie actor started in the 1970s, where he first starred in a feature film entitled “Darah Ibuku” (my mother’s blood), directed by S.A. Karim. Other movies he starred in include “Cinta Abadi” (eternal love) directed by Wahyu Sihombing, “Terminal Cinta” (love terminal) directed by Abrar Yusa Biran, and many more.

The latest movie Amoroso starred in was in 2015 in a movie entitled “Di Balik 98`” (behind the 1998 tragedy) that was directed by Lukman Sardi. Amoroso was identic with Soeharto since he played the late president in three films; “Pengkhianatan G30S”, “Jakarta 1966”, and “Di Balik 98”.

Courtesy : Tempo.co
Photo : Wartakota – Tribunnews.com

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