Rio Dewanto Invest in Lombok


The actor Rio Dewanto is not only admire the Lombok Island tourism. He embodies his admiration by taking part of the business investment on the Pedas island. Currently cast the film “Filosofi Kopi” is already controlling the land in three favorite tourism spot.

“I have the land in Kaliantan, I have the land also in Gili Meno, there is also in Gili Air,” he said when met by Suara NTB at his own Kedai Filosofi Kopi, Blok M, South Jakarta last weekend.

The actor who started his career in 2011 claimed to buy land in Lombok can not be separated from business opportunities, not far from the field of tourism. Some beautiful places, beaches up to the hills he browse, finally chose the three locations were to see the prospect of business in the tourism sector there.

Atiqah Hasiholan husband’s business vision is indeed already seen when he tried his luck in business. New business that is being occupied by opening a coffee shop with fellow actor Chico Jerikho. One of them is in Blok M, South Jakarta which is filled with teenagers every night. The film ‘Filosofi Kopi’ turned out to have inspired Rio Dewanto to make the coffee shop as a business opportunity.

So what business will be built on land already purchased in Lombok? “That later, if already so true. Definitely we will tell to journalists friend, “said the owner of 178 cm tall birth of 30 years ago.

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