Millennials are Moving to Bali


No longer seen as just a spot for a vacation getaway, Bali is fast becoming the hottest place for millennials to live.

Thriving with startups, with a relatively low cost of living, Bali is a prime location for millennials who are always on the look out for something different and exciting. The flourishing startup industry is supported by an abundance of co-working spaces and an environment that encourages creativity.

Businessman Andrew White who has lived in Bali for 10 years agrees. Previously an actor in several local television series, he, along with his wife and two children, chose to leave Jakarta to enjoy life.

“I want my children to be in nature; soaking up the sun, playing at the beach, enjoying space that is not a mall,” he said.

“I can go straight to the beach after I get home. I can take my children and spend two hours there. Imagine trying to get home in Jakarta; the two hours it would take to beat the traffic is what I could spend leisurely at the beach,” he added.

He stated that Bali’s infrastructure was improving, with an abundance of international schools, proper public facilities and daily flights to and from big cities in Indonesia.

White was present at the Ciputra Beach Resort media gathering in Tabanan, Bali on Tuesday.

Helen Hamzah, associate director of marketing and sales for PT Ciputra Balai Property, acknowledged the millennials’ desire for freedom and a liberated lifestyle.

“Our targets are young families and millennials who want to get away from crowded places. It can also be a good investment for first time investors,” she said.

She added that millennials were also not particular about the materials used in the houses. “More mature buyers would prefer marble, for instance, but millennials are more interested in owning something unique that has a strong concept,” she said.

Currently, Nivata and Sadana clusters are on the market at the Ciputra Beach Resort. With views of the ocean, paddy fields and mountains, the area is located on 80 hectares of land, which in the future will also host Rosewood Residence and Rosewood Hotel & Resorts.

Tabanan itself is famous as the site of Tanah Lot, a large offshore rock formation known for its sunset backdrops.

Open-plan living in a Sadana home is considered perfect for millennials, with land sizes of 105 square meters, house sizes of 69 square meters and a bedroom located on the mezzanine. While houses in the Nivata cluster come in two types, 197/250 square meters and 238/300 square meters.

As of early March, 70 percent of houses in the Nivata and Sadana clusters had been sold. Helen said that most buyers came from Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan.


Courtesy : The Jakarta Post, My Exotic Vacation

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